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Cumulus Media was quickly outgrowing their paper based AP process. As the second largest radio communications company in the nation they needed a way to process 10s of thousands of AP invoices every single month. ePayables from Enliven Software was the solution they were looking for. 
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Freight Capital continues its track record of innovation by starting theflagship company of paperless accounts payable (AP) processes through its application of Enliven Software’s Fidesic Platform; this company is known as Logistics Financial. Logistics Financial uses this new technology platform to eliminate paper and manual data entry from the APprocess, saving time and money.
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Bringing together Online and offline worlds

In addition, to increase market penetration and help bridge the online and offline worlds, Fidesic enables the delivery of purchase orders, invoices, funds, and remittance data to any customer or vendor of a business whether they are online or offline.
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