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Fidesic AP for Healthcare Organizations

Feb 22 2019

Healthcare is extremely complicated. Companies have to deal with patients and insurance in addition to all the standard business processes. What if there was a way to make those business processes more simplified and streamlined? Fidesic AP was built with the healthcare industry in mind, and beyond that, it was built to modernize and simplify ap processing across multiple facilities. Here’s how we can help.

Fidesic 2.0 is Coming Soon!

Jan 21 2019

If you've been a long time user of Fidesic, you'll know that the platform has gradually added features, and continually improved over time. But this time we've got something totally different in store. For the past year we've been hard at work with a full revamp of our site. Fidesic 2.0 is a total redesign in usability and we're extremely exited to show you what we've done.

The Full Cost of Entering Invoices

Sep 01 2017

If you’re in charge of a small to mid-size business's AP department, you know the simple process of entering AP invoices into your ERP system can QUICKLY consume an employee’s time. It’s an easy thing to ignore as a very small business but it’s important to put scalable solutions in place as soon as possible. It doesn’t take long before you necessitate a full-time employee to enter invoices and once they are at capacity, the only option to grow is to add more data entry staff. This adds layers of management, complexity, and rockets up your cost very quickly. So what’s the actual cost to enter an invoice? Cost of the employee’s time + cost of management + cost of benefits + cost to correct any mistakes that employee makes. Not even taking into account the potential cost savings in digital routing for approval, this cost is substantial. Aberdeen has done research to total up these costs and for the average company, it costs $7+ to ...

Payables Management for QuickBooks

Apr 21 2017

QuickBooks is a powerful platform; however, it does have some limitations. Many people have come to realize that payables approval management is still stuck in the relative dark ages (at least in a largely paperless world.)  So what’s a business to do? Many invoices still come in paper format and don’t easily mesh with a paperless approval process. Fidesic AP is designed to take invoices from all sources, turn them paperless, acquire the necessary approvals and then import directly into QuickBooks.

Accounts Payable Checkup

Nov 29 2016

We’ve written up this quick checklist to see how efficient and effective your accounts payable process currently is as 2017 is fast approaching. If you’d like to learn more about each step below, Fidesic AP can help fix your current challenges.

Fidesic OCR- 3 Reasons why it’s the best on the Market for AP Invoices

Jul 27 2016

If you’ve taken a look at OCR in the past, you know that it has very really limits in terms of accuracy and reliability. If the documents are consistent format, computer readable, and predictable in content length, standard software only OCR can help reduce data entry by upwards of 80%. Now in the real world documents (specifically vendor invoices) vary wildly in format, content and quality of the scans. A traditional software only data capture system will fail miserably at reading any document that faces these real world issues. Fidesic OCR is better than software only and here’s why: 1. We know your ERP data. Most OCR will try to blindly read vendor names, terms, and coding without any reference. Fidesic OCR will compare these items against you accounting database. A missed letter no longer means a failed transaction. 2. Advanced Learning: Most OCR does not improve at all. The longer you use our system, the more intelligent our OCR becomes and becomes more and mo ...

EDI Support Now Included with All Fidesic AP Packages

May 11 2016

EDI is a method for transmitting data in a standardized way. Many larger companies support EDI as a method for invoice delivery, and some even require it. If you’ve looked into EDI there are a plethora of companies trying to sell you EDI specific technologies. With Fidesic, receiving EDI invoices is built into the system.

Enliven is Proud to Launch our new User Based Pricing

Mar 15 2016

We’ve always focused on making and easy to use system, and we’ve now shifted to easy to understand pricing. No more calculating how many invoices, customers, vendors and payments you send monthly you can estimate your use of our system simply by using our per user, per month pricing. No matter the product or features that you choose, this is simple pricing that you can count on.

Maintaining a Digital Invoice Approval Workflow

Feb 29 2016

Once you’ve built a digital workflow, it’s easy to assume everything is on auto pilot. For the most part, this is true. Once you’ve got an optimally functioning workflow within Fidesic, it should take care of all of your invoice approvals automatically. However, your business will have personnel changes that will require changes to your workflow engine.  The Fidesic AP workflow system is fully editable on the front end of our portal and can be quickly used to make changes. We’ll cover three situations that often come up requiring a workflow modification.

ERP Integration- the REAL Source of savings with AP Automation

Feb 04 2016

So you’ve decided you want to start automating your accounting processes. With many different products, several different methods, and lots of different pricing structures where do you begin? The best place to begin is by searching for a system that works directly with your ERP system. You could have a world-class invoice approval workflow but without an integration into your ERP system you could easily increase the amount of total work it takes to approve an invoice.There are many ISVs in the automation space that offer AP solutions, but many of these are generalists who are more than happy to claim they “integrate” with your ERP system. This is frequently in the form of a spreadsheet hooked into another third party system to dump this data into your ERP system. Having to go through a separate module adds complexity and increased workload to your process. Ideally you want a service that communicates directly with your ERP system, allows your standard internal controls, provides a log ...

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