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    Originally founded to “build the premier online payment network for small businesses” the company has evolved to become today’s market leader in automating business critical financial processes for midsize organizations. This evolution has taken place through the development and sales of three core services targeted at automating the financial processes of payables, payments, and receivables.

    The initial focus was on providing integrated payment solutions supporting business-to-business commerce between small businesses, and resulted in the first service offering: Electronic Invoicing.

    Evolving to better meet the needs of its customers and the market, Fidesic shifted its attention to the payables side of the finance equation. These business critical financial processes were, and still are, encumbered with time consuming, paper-driven workflow and approval routines causing Days Sales Outstanding to be high, supplier payments to be late, and general dissatisfaction among all stakeholders in the process. Working to provide solutions to midsize organizations, the company introduced its Electronic Payments and Electronic Payables services.

    Human ready workflow
    Fidesic supports both inter-company workflow between customers and vendors, and intra-company workflow to manage the internal approval and communication processes within a company.
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