Great Plains Dynamics GP

Key Features

Accounts Receivables
  • Electronic invoice delivery right out of GP.
  • Reduce cost of paper in your business.
  • Give your customers the freedom to pay online by Credit Card or ACH.
Accounts Payable
  • Fully automated, electronic approval workflow.
  • Download approved invoices directly into GP in one step.
  • Pay your vendors by ACH or paper check right out of GP.

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Accounting System

Great Plains Dynamics GP

Enliven's Electronic Invoicing and ePayments module delivers great value
to Dynamics GP (Great Plains) partners and customers. Through deep integration with Dynamics products, Fidesic is a unique and natural extension of Dynamics GP for electronic invoicing and payments.

With the integration of our Business ePayments Services and Microsoft Dynamics, Fidesic is the first to deliver on the hybrid approach of on-premise deployment tied to Web services. The Fidesic Electronic Invoicing and ePayments Module is a great offering for small and mid-sized businesses, enabling them to transact with customers and vendors in a far more efficient way, through a branded, self-serve, online account center geared towards customers and vendors.

Through a deep integration with Dynamics GP, your Accounts Receivable staff is able to interact with the Fidesic service, right within Dynamics GP.  For example, customer preference for invoice delivery is maintained right within the customer card. 

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Some of the features offered right within Fidesic for Dynamics GP:

  • Fidesic is able to deliver all your invoices in a batch through one button, regardless of the customer preferred delivery mechanism - Fax, US Mail, or Email
  • Automatically charge customer credit cards on-file and send out a zero dollar invoice
  • Single button upload and delivery of all invoices - with support for US Mail (we handle the fulfilment for you, if you choose), E-Mail and Fax.  You can even send through all three options without incurring additional charges beyond your regular per transaction cost
  • Use a single button to receive and post payments made online/electronically by your customer against the original invoices - automatically
  • Send PO's to your vendors electronically.  Vendors can also flip PO's to invoices automatically
  • Send Checks electronically and by paper right from within Dynamics GP
  • Use Fidesic's online system to manage the workflow and approval of checks cut by AP personnel
  • Executives receive one email with a batch of checks waiting to be sent.  They can approve the checks and it will get delivered to your vendors (we handle the fulfilment for you - if you choose)
  • Many more...

Automatic Credit Card Processing

Simplify your credit card processing with The Fidesic Platform. Customers can sign up to automatically pay their bills by both ACH and credit card every month. After the payment has been processed you can then directly import the payment receipt batch into Dynamics GP. Customers can sign up to automatically pay their bill from the web based customer account center, and once they are set up you can always expect on-time payment. Additionally, you no longer have to hand-run each credit card!

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