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Accounting Solutions Designed Around Dynamics GP

A Full Featured Cloud Accounting Platform, Managed Right out of GP.

Through deep integration with Dynamics products, Fidesic is a unique and natural extension of Dynamics GP for electronic invoicing and payments. With the integration of our Business ePayments Services and Microsoft Dynamics, Fidesic is the first to deliver on the hybrid approach of on-premise deployment tied to Web services.

Deep, Seemless, Integration into GP

Through a deep integration with Dynamics GP, your Accounts Receivable staff is able to interact with the Fidesic service, right within Dynamics GP. You will continue to manage customer and vendor records right within GP.

GP Workflow Extended to the Cloud

We've designed Fidesic in a way to work perfectly with a Dynamics GP workflow. Continue to build and post batches like you are used to, but don't worry about any of the manual processes involved.

Extend GP to Non-GP Users

Anyone you would like (including customers and vendors) can access the data they need without the need for a GP User Licnense.

Fidesic's GP integration gives you access to features no other solutions can offer. From maintaining vendors to posting payment receipts, Fidesic makes it easy.

Work Right out of SOP

Fidesic is able to deliver all your invoices in a batch through one button, regardless of the customer preferred delivery mechanism - Fax, US Mail, or Email

Automatic Reminder Messages

You can set your customer delivery preferences right from your ERP system and we'll send out reminders on your behalf.

Import Payment Receipts with a Single Click

Use a single button to receive and post payments made online/electronically by your customer against the original invoices - automatically

Full Integration with Apply Sales Documents

Post credits, payments and returns to customer accounts as you would normally, and Fidesic will keep track of the changes while making these changes available to your customer through their portal.

Import Approved Invoices into Batches

You can build your daily payables batch just like you're used to and we'll take care of all the "data entry". GLs, terms, and all other invoice data will be entered automatically.

Pick the Invoices You'd Like to Pay right In GP

Your select check process will stay the same. You'll simply upload the check batch to our system for approval and fulfillment.

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